Students protest when Utah legislature refuses to change “Dixie”

Students protest when Utah legislature refuses to change “Dixie”
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SALT LAKE CITY – At a university in southern Utah, nationwide protests against racial injustice have given new impetus to changing a name many consider offensive: Dixie State.

However, the nickname’s deep association with local history creates a backlash to GOP-dominated state legislation and shows how difficult change can be.

Students at the fast-growing institution drove to the Utah Capitol for hours on Wednesday, urging lawmakers to revive a deadlocked plan to change the school name.

“When non-university people want their voices to overwhelm ours, it just doesn’t seem fair to us.” Savannah Snyder, a junior student studying elementary education, said on the steps of the Capitol.

You have a powerful ally in the Republican House Speaker, Brad Wilson. He made the …


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