“Black and Asian unity”: attacks on elders trigger reckoning with the roots of racism

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ONA 91-year-old man was knocked to the ground in Oakland, Calif., Chinatown. A 50-year-old woman tossed into a newspaper stand in Flushing, Queens. An 84-year-old man was fatally assaulted in San Francisco. A new flurry of Violence against Asian elders Many Asian Americans across the country feel targeted, wondering if the crime is random – or if they are fueled by anti-Asian prejudice.

The attacks have rocked Asian immigrant communities, which have faced pandemic challenges for just a year, including racist mockery of the “kung flu” or “China virus” and economic devastation for Chinatowns and other immigrant communities – and four years of government whose trade war with China fueled xenophobia.

Some, including Asian movie stars and celebrities, …

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