Winnipeg keeping eye on Calgary speed limit decision

Winnipeg keeping eye on Calgary speed limit decision
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A move to slow things down in another Canadian city could spur a speed limit debate in Winnipeg.

Calgary city council decided to lower the default residential speed limit from 50 kilometres per hour to 40 km/h.

So should Winnipeg go down a similar path and lower its 50 km/h residential speed limit?

Brian Pincott is a former Calgary city councillor now living here, and part of the advocacy group Safe Speeds Winnipeg.

He says 40 km/h is still too fast, because research shows 30 km/h is better for residential roads when it comes to saving lives and preventing serious injuries.

“In residential neighbourhoods, first and foremost, we should be putting at the top consideration the people that live there, the safety of people that live there,” said…

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