Victorian police officer jailed for ‘brazen’ property stealing scam

Victorian police officer jailed for ‘brazen’ property stealing scam
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A disgraced police officer has become the first female member of the force to be jailed in Victoria after she was caught using obscure laws to effectively steal houses to boost her bogus property portfolio.

Rosa Rossi, 57, was sentenced to four years and six months in jail over the elaborate scam, which she orchestrated using manuals she found on the internet.

As part of the ruse, Rossi would pick out empty homes and claim them under the laws of adverse possession, a legal principle which is sometimes described as squatters’ rights.

She would then change the locks and take control of the properties.

On Wednesday, Victoria’s County Court heard that Rossi, a former Victoria Police sergeant, had been suicidal since being charged and held serious fears for her safety in prison.

The judge…

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