‘V for vaccine’ moment gets worse for ScoMo

‘V for vaccine’ moment gets worse for ScoMo
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Jane Malysiak, the first person to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in Australia, accidentally repeats an obscene gesture on air.

The first person to receive a COVID-19 vaccine in Australia has repeated an obscene gesture live on television and admitted she did not recognise Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Mr Morrison sat alongside Jane Malysiak on Sunday as the 84-year old received the first COVID-19 vaccine administered in Australia.

But the historic moment descended in hilarity when Ms Malysiak, a Polish-born World War II survivor, accidentally flipped off a room full of journalists after receiving the jab.

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The PM encouraged Ms Malysiak to flash the peace sign for the cameras, saying it meant “V for vaccine”.

She obliged, but turned her hand the other way, which has a very…

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