‘Onus is on me’: Apology over Brittany failures

‘Onus is on me’: Apology over Brittany failures
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Former NSW Premier Mike Baird said both state and federal parliament needed a serious overhaul when it came to handling sexual assault complaints, during a fiery Q&A debate about Brittany Higgins’ rape claim.

Ms Higgins’ complaint and those of other women showed the issue was “ongoing and widespread”, said the former Liberal MP.

“It’s not just the Commonwealth Parliament. I reflect personally on it,” said Mr Baird, who is now CEO of aged care company HammondCare.

“Being in the New South Wales Parliament, and a leader of a party and a government, I had a chance to do something significant here and I didn’t.

“And that onus is on me. And I think that I hope that what Brittany has done has said to the nation we must do more.”

“Are you sorry you didn‘t do more?” host…

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