China’s ominous South China Sea warning to Australia

China’s ominous South China Sea warning to Australia
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China’s state-controlled media has bluntly warned Australia’s warships to stay out of the South China Sea or risk the “bitter pill” of confrontation.

In an ominous threat to Prime Minister Scott Morrison, China is doubling down after the furore over a shocking doctored image depicting a grinning Australian soldier slitting the throat of an Afghan child.

In an editorial published overnight inThe Global Times, Australia is described as “the war hound” of the United States.

“As a warhound of the US, Australia should restrain its arrogance. Particularly, its warships must not come to China’s coastal areas to flex muscles, or else it will swallow the bitter pills,’’ the editorial states.

“Australian special forces murdered 39 Afghan civilians and prisoners. Killing…

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