US politics live updates: Donald Trump ‘provoked’ the ‘mob’ that attacked the US Capitol, according to top Republican Mitch McConnell

US politics live updates: Donald Trump ‘provoked’ the ‘mob’ that attacked the US Capitol, according to top Republican Mitch McConnell
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Early questions!

Y’all are chatty this morning and I dig it. Let’s get going with some questions.

If Trump is barred from running for office again, is there any mechanism in place to stop him from throwing his support behind a loyalist and being a proxy president (I.e. Putin/Medvedev)?

-Curious person

Nope. In the scenario that Trump is banned from running again, there’s nothing stopping him from using his first amendment right to campaign for another candidate. Like for example, his daughter Ivanka or son Don Jr.

Hi Pete and Emily

Some exciting moments ahead. I was wondering though, how Trump’s control over the military works. For example, there has been the suggestion by nefarious players of ‘martial law’ being put in place so he can avoid giving up the presidency. With the high level of military personnel in Washington DC, could he decide to announce martial law before noon tomorrow and force control of the situation? What would be the checks and balances to prevent such an action being successful?


Trump is indeed the commander in chief. But forget about any shenanigans with martial law in the next 24 hours. It ain’t happening, for two reasons.

One, when Emily and I were looking at how the coronavirus pandemic might affect the US election, martial law was a question that came up then too. But experts told us that you can’t just stand in the street as president, show “MARTIAL LAW” and that’s it. It’s intended to be used when the court system breaks down because of some catastrophic event (like a war or a massive natural disaster). And that’s not the case here. Trump, more than anyone right now, knows the courts are working just fine.

And two, the US military, through the powerful Joint Chiefs of Staff, put out a pretty extraordinary statement last week condemning the attacks on Congress and stating in no uncertain terms that Joe Biden would be the next president.

“We support and defend the Constitution. Any act to disrupt the constitutional process is not only against our traditions, values and oath, it is against the law. On January 20, 2021, in accordance with the Constitution, confirmed by the states and the courts, and certified by Congress, President-elect Biden will be inaugurated and will become our 46th commander in chief,” the letter read.

How significant are Mitch McConnell’s comments about Donny T ‘provoking’ the January 6 mob? Surely that’s a guilty verdict in the Senate trial when it happens?

This blog is awesome too by the way.


Hmmmmm I don’t think we can go that far. If I were you, I wouldn’t believe any predictions about Mitch McConnell’s voting intentions in then Senate trial until we hear them from Mitch McConnell himself.

Good morning Peter, I really hope you’ve had a good breakfast rather than one of those awful energy drinks. It’s going to be such a big day. Love mum xx

-Pete’s Mum

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