Australia politics live: Peter Dutton defends decision not to tell PM about rape allegation | Australia news

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I’m not a prude but I’ve got to say I think I’ve led a boring life down here in Canberra.

I think people are under the impression that you come down here and everyone’s bed hopping it’s just a complete nonsense.

Now, I’ve been here 20 years, this is first allegation that I’m aware of, of somebody having been raped and no doubt there will be other people who alleged they’ve been sexually assaulted or they’ve been in a circumstance where somebody believed that there was consent and there wasn’t, you know two to willing consensual adults, and there are also different scenarios that you can contemplate going on in a workplace where thousands of people descend on to the building.

Yes, many of them young, single and like any workplace, people go out for a drink or for dinner after work, but the assault of, you know, woman or anybody, obviously is unacceptable and is not to be tolerated in any circumstance.

So we just need to make sure that people have a realistic understanding what’s happening in Parliament House.

For plenty of us, you know, you arrive here before six in the morning and leave at 11 at night, it doesn’t leave much room –

I’m not sure how people find the time for extracurricular activities to be honest – but it’s you know it’s the case the vast majority of people on both sides, all sides of parliament conduct themselves, absolutely appropriately but in circumstances where there is an allegation, it needs to be investigated.

The support needs to be provided. And on everything I’ve seen there was never any threat to Brittany that she would lose her job, quite the opposite.

There was support by Linda Reynolds and by Michaelia Cash and that continues to this day.”

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