Australia news live: Craig Kelly quits Liberal party to join crossbench; Albanese gets Covid vaccine | Australia news

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Sunday was a change day. Sunday was a day that Australia confidently moved into the next phase of how we fight this pandemic and we battle to secure the livelihoods and lives of Australians.

And so, as we come into that next chapter, and by the end of next month we will be well into that, as tens of thousands, if not greater, will have been vaccinated by that point, and the National Cabinet will have met again, that we believed it was important that we show faith once again in our social safety net.

What I mean by that is we are now confident that at the end of next month that our social safety net can once again be able to provide the support it needs to Australians as we come out of the COVID-19 recession, for that social safety net to be there for them if they find themselves without work.

But we’ve also formed the view that that base level of support that exists within our social safety net needs to be adjusted for the long term.

…And that will lead to an increase of $50 per fortnight in that base payment.

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