Top Risks Of Super Tinters

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Window tinting.And it’s really technical, that if you burn through it,you’ve got to start all over again.So at any point, you make a mistake,you’ve got start over.So it is definitely an art.So what he’s doing is shrinking it so that it actually can form to the piece of glass.Now, the glass isn’t exactly straight.There’s a little bit of curvature in it.So any time there’s a curve.

Like a basketball, and putting Super Tinters wrapping paper on it, you know how difficult that is.So what he’s doing now is adding a little bit more lubrication because, before, there was powder underneath there because he wanted it to slide around and move.He didn’t want it to stick.So now, what he’s doing is actually stretching everything out after he used the heat gun.So he wants to make sure that the sides are going to be perfect along the edges.So he’s straightening it out.And as you straighten out and flatten.

It out, it’s actually going to lengthen a bit.So we’ll have to cut that around.Now, this last little part here, in terms of measuring,if you will, is he’s using his razor blade to cut around my break light.Now when we got inside– that’s actually me inside the car holding the light–we tried to get inside because I wanted to pull the light down.And I wanted the tint to go flush.I didn’t like the idea of cutting it out.But as we tried to pull it down, part of the light fixture around the edge there, to the right of the red actual light, was stuck to the glass.So we had to cut around it.Now, going back to the last part.

what he’s doing here visas he stretched it out, you could imagine that the tint actually got a little bit longer, meaning there wasn’t any air pockets, and that sort of thing.So it got closer to the edges.So he’s using his razor blade right along the edge to cut around.Now, the interesting part is that if he miscues just a little bit, light is going to pass through.And he’d have to start all over again.Now, this board is also very common in–and he has.

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