Time For You To Know The Truth About Bathroom Remodeling

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Don’t believe I missed anything outside of that this project is done English hey Pascal my name is a window we spoke on the phone earlier today about the services and things that we do but I wanted to show you basically what what I was talking about right this is very this is very specific to your market and this is clear to what you know whoever you hire to do the service but you’re.

Just kind of some results as I was talking to you about okay I’m just gonna go through here so this is your site obviously you have some information what I was talking about content is basically content for all this stuff for example kitchen remodel kitchen remodel you have all this content here but this is almost this is close to nothing right this is close to nothing and this is not authoritative at all and Google takes this very seriously when it comes down to being a resource for being a resourceful resourceful company when it comes down to content right and what you guys do what you guys do and know of OK.

And so just looking at your site but I’m just gonna go through here and show you this right I chose you this I asked you about your site and mobile friendly this is what came back ok and basically what this means is it is right mobile friendly this is a tool that Google uses it you can check this yourself but I wanted to show you this first hand so this is your site on mobile right so why.

Am i showing Bathroom Remodeling In New Jersey you this here basically your site is showing up on on mobile device which is nice however there’s no call to action there’s no phone number big there’s a phone number here but it’s kind of hard to click a lot of people they need just click and go right they just click and go and talk to you right away as well as you talking about talking about like your call to actions.

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