How To Remodeling A Small Bathroom

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You just take the toilet out put your new toilet in the same location go for it depending on the floor framing moving the toilet means rerouting waste lines or even a vent line the drain lines obviously can’t be moved much further away from where they are without reframing the floor system How to Decorate a Small Bathroom.

So if we’redoing a new bathroom we’d do a new bathroom plumbing consideration consider these ideas or these concepts when planning your bathroom check to ensure that your existing plumbing is vented properly we often open up walls and find there are no plumbing events that’s a problem it’s not gonna meet code.

When reusing or existing plumbing locations ensure that the supply and waste lines don’t need to be extended or modified and make sure they’re in good shape they might need to be there might be leaking the joints are old so take care of that removing old floor tiles and sub floor will affect your floor height so consider that in your plumbing locations or your pipe positions.

You might need to replumb those for those height issues check dimensions of all new fixtures and compare them to old if you’re if you’re saving a sink and you’re gonna put new fixtures on it make sure they line up and fit up because sometimes they dump even when they look similar you may want to improve ventilation by adding in bathroom exhaust fan and make sure.

You vent that to the exterior and a lot of plumbing walls where the pipes and vents on need to be two by six deep or shimmed with like shims additive of strips or whatever to accommodate new plumbing lines vent lines and sometimes shower valve so keep that in mind that make encroach on your space in the room.

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