Best Window Tinting Service Tips

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Okay hi my name is Mark and I’m with extreme window tinting and I’ve been tanning since I was taught back, in the beginning, it was almost a trial and error thing because people were in this when they learned how to tend their kind of greedy and you ask him hey can I learn how the tenth you know window tinting los angeles.

You know to show you the trade a lot of people were really close to it I started getting into more flat glass in the I started looking at commercial buildings and going is that tent well I take cars I wonder I wonder what they did in how they did that and I learned that there were a whole different species of film.

I was like wow it was intriguing you know I really good luck with mobile mean I’m out there prospecting and letting people know what I’m doing I ‘m getting probably in excess of eight to eight to ten calls a day when you start if you’re if you”re educated on it.

You start talking to them about it and you start telling them basically what the purpose of it is and you know the reason that people put films on their cars and homes and stuff like that anyway in their commercial buildings most people that that is very sensible start to goes and there it’s intriguing for them to and in place the more education you have on the subject the better off.

You are you know to answer your question business is okay what we’re doing we’redoing decent if we’re in a recession then that means you have to work harder so I work harder every time I go out to do a job if I’m doing a building.

If I ‘m doing this building here I’ll finish the building up and not prospect this whole street and I’ll let the neighbor across the street over there know that they just did your neighbors home hey i just did your neighbors car or pass the card out past the card out.

We’ll just knock on the door for you know the thing is and reverting back to the recession a lot of people are stuck in that and so they’re afraid to spend money that you have every the prospect that you talk to you you know that that will go really you cars well.

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